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Lua script for UDF header

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Some may find this a useful addition to SciTe

Here is a Lua script that inserts a blank function header

Place it in SciTEStartup.lua

function InsertUDFHeader()
; Description:      
; Parameter(s):     
; Requirement:      
; Return Value(s):  
; User CallTip:  
; Author(s):        
; Note(s):        


Then add the following to SciTEUser.properties

# 45 Insert AutoIt3 Function Header as per UDF guidlines
  command.name.45.*.au3=Insert UDF Header

Restart SciTE

The should now be an entry in the Tools menu near the bottom.



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I have looked at abbreviations before and didn't remember seeing that. I guess it pays to look at the SciTE help file a little more often. :D


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With Lua you can make it read the current line and parse out the function parameters and function name automatically. I have a Lua script which does similar for my own function comments format. I place the caret in a line with the Func keyword and hit a hotkey. A template is created with the correct function name and parameters.

As a matter of fact, here is the script:

function InsertFunctionHeader()
    local line, pos = editor:GetCurLine()
    local pos = editor.CurrentPos - pos
    local lineNum = editor:LineFromPosition(pos)
-- "()([Ff][Uu][Nn][Cc][%s]*([%w_]*)%(.-%))([^\r\n]*)"
--  local from, to, name = string.find(line, "Func ([%w_]*)")
    local from, to, name = string.find(line, "[Ff][Uu][Nn][Cc][%s]*([%w_]*)")
    if to ~= nil then
--      local pfrom, pto, pname = string.find(line, "(%([%w%s\"_,$%=@-%.]*[%)_])")
        local pfrom, pto, pname = string.find(line, "(%(.-%))")
        local i = 0
        while string.find(pname, "_%s*$") do    -- Found an underscore, so need to get the next line, too
            i = i + 1
            local tmp = editor:GetLine(lineNum+i)
            local wfrom = string.find(pname, "_%s*$")
            local nfrom = string.find(tmp, "[^%s]")
            pname = string.sub(pname, 1, wfrom-1) .. string.sub(tmp, nfrom, -1)
            pname =  string.gsub(pname, "[\n\r]", "")

        local ws = editor:WordStartPosition(editor.CurrentPos)
        local we = editor:WordEndPosition(editor.CurrentPos)
        local word = editor:textrange(ws, we)
        -- Must strip the new lines for this to work.
        line = string.gsub(line, "[\n\r]", "")
        word = string.gsub(word, "[\n\r]", "")
        if word == "" then
            editor:AddText(_CreateFunctionHeader("Name", ""))
        elseif word == line then
            local lend = editor.CurrentPos
            local lstart = editor.CurrentPos
            editor:SetSel(lstart, lend)
            editor:ReplaceSel(_CreateFunctionHeader(word, "") .. "Func " .. word .. "()\r\nEndFunc; " .. word)
end -- InsertFunctionheader()

And here is the _CreateFunctionHeader() function I use:

function _CreateFunctionHeader(s, p)
    local res = "; " .. string.rep("=", 67) .. "\r\n; " .. s .. p .. "\r\n;\r\n; Description.\r\n; Parameters:"
    local params = false
    for byref, parameter, optional in string.gfind(p, "(%w-)%s*($[%w_]+)%s*([=]?)") do
        if parameter ~= "" and parameter ~= nil then
            params = true
            if byref ~= "" and byref ~= nil then
                res = res .. "\r\n;\t" .. parameter .. " - IN/OUT - "
            elseif optional ~= "" and optional ~= nil then
                res = res .. "\r\n;\t" .. parameter .. " - IN/OPTIONAL - "
                res = res .. "\r\n;\t" .. parameter .. " - IN - "
    if params == false then
        res = res .. "\r\n;\tNone."
    res = res .. "\r\n; Returns:\r\n;\tNone.\r\n" .. "; " .. string.rep("=", 67) .. "\r\n"
    return res
end -- _CreateFunctionHeader()
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@Valik, Awsome.


Type setupudf and then press the spacebar.

I knew that abbreviations(in general) were there, I just hadn't realized the breadth. :D I have alread added a couple of custom abbreviations. Now, to just get in the habit of using abbreviations. :wacko:

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Thanks for posting your scipts. I modified the CreateFunctionHeader to produce output more inline with the standard UDF headers. I also added a right context menu entry in scite.

I am updating some older scripts and the partial autocompletion by using your Lua script has made the task easier.

Once Again, Thanks,


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