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I couldn't find an answer after searching, sorry if this has been covered before.

Please can someone help with a method to put windows that become activated in a queue for later action.

My script renames up to 4 windows, 1,2,3 & 4. For screen space issues I move all (4) windows to the bottom of the screen & when one becomes active I move it to 0,0 - look to see if a button exists & if it does exist click it then move the window back to the bottom of the screen. If the button doesn't exist the window is also moved back to the bottom.

I do this by checking the state of the windows and if one of them = 15, winmove it to 0,0.

The problem is that if '1' is at 0,0 while I'm looking for the button on '1' - '3' might become active. I click the button on '1' so activating '1' and don't know that '3' needs attention.

I need to register that '3' became active, so I can later move it 0,0 and click it's button - queuing '1','2' or '4' if they also become active.

I hope this makes sense & would appreciate any suggestions.


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Welcome to the forums!

You'll get more help if you post your code and show where you're running into the issue.

Also, your description is a little unclear. Do you only want one of the 4 windows active and positioned at a time? What is triggering the change?

Take a look at the beta function GUIRegisterMsg using WM_ACTIVATE.

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