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in 3.0.85 this would do what you want.... it loops till Pause is pressed.

HotKeySet ( "{PAUSE}" ,"Stop")

While 1



Func Stop()

MsgBox(0,"Stop","Stopped Looping")



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I wrote a few, but I like Larry's code a bit better. The use of adlib is very clean for this. I think it went something like this.

AdlibEnable("pause"); adlib will keep the pause function running

HotKeySet("{pause}","pauseset"); this toggles on and off with Pause key
$Pause = -1; I prefer to start it in Pause mode
While 1
; place whatever you want to do here.

Func pauseset(); this toggles the value of $pause
   $Pause = $Pause * -1

Func pause(); this sleeps when $pause is -1 and doesn't when $pause =1
   While $Pause = -1
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