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I'm trying to make a small app to read some filetype in a folder, including subfolders

FileFindFirstFile ( "*.ext" ) only works at current folder. The other way to do it would be using the DOS dir command to send all filenames to a TXT file and then read it from there. My problem with this is that in my Windows 2000 some files get different names when seen in the TXT files. Something like this:

Aplicação.ext becomes Aplica‡Æo.ext. I'm not even sure you can read the difference.

Anyway to go around this problem? The OS is portuguese and I have some files like this.

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Thanks. I tried to read all of the code but got lost in the middle :huh2:. I do however know how it works and simply copied it and changed the root folder to reflect my app. :D

The joys of copy paste

It's how I learned a lot


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