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A little easy on the details here aren't we ? I wonder if there's a reason for that...hmm.

no reason, other than i thought i gave enough info.

i'm trying to find a solution for creating macros in putty so i can automate some daily shell tasks. i'd like putty to stay running in the background executing the macros rather than popping into the foreground.



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I'm pretty sure it does by default.

If you don't give it a gui, then it's running in the background, no?

I belive that it is not the AutoIt that he wants to run in background, but the Putty window, that can be done by a call to WinSetState function using the flag of @SW_HIDE ...

Check out the help file on that command, you might even want to set a variable to the handle of the Putty window upon the script running, and use that variable in place of the window title, so that even if its name changes it won't matter, and then another call to WindowSetState using the @SW_SHOW will show Putty again



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