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Inetget Inetgetsrc hangs script

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Hello, this is my first time here, and apart from a little bit of autoit i did a while ago i am new to it.

I am trying to create a gui that will pull down a image and description of a game from the internet and then ask if you would like to download the setup.exe.

The user enters a game id number on the gui form,

I use inetgetsource to get the source of a webpage for this gameid, then search this for a key phrase, if this key phase does not exist then we assume that the id is valid.

I then download the source of a diiferent page using the same id, and search for the <title> and metadata description tags. The title is used for the local filename of the game i am to download.

I also then download a image file to the @temp directory.

The image, description, and name are displayed and then you are asked if you want to download this game (this function not yet written). This display takes several seconds to complete the first time.

If you try to enter and check another gameid, even if it is the same one, it hangs the script and gui for 30 - 60 seconds before finally displaying the new data.

Could this problem be:

1. inefficiant code,

2. Problems with the proxy i am using,

3. internal workings of inetget & inetgetsource,

4 problems with the web server.

thanks for any help you can give.

Requires the latest autoit beta, and the internal proxy address has been blanked, but is being used when i run the script.


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