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ASR (Automated System Recovery) script for XP & 2003

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Attached is a script to run Windows XP or Server 2003 backup program (ntbackup.exe) in ASR (Automated System Recovery) wizard mode. The script creates the main backup file on another drive (we use a removable USB drive) and then copies the files from the floppy disk (required by ASR) to the same drive as the backup file.

We use this script to make regular ASR backups of our servers to enable fast bare-metal restores from the ASR files. After the bare-metal restore, you have your basic Windows system running and can start your regular tape restore (for your data). The ASR saves the time of having to reinstall Windows and your tape backup software from scratch by recreating your C: drive (Windows and programs). We just have to copy the 3 files back to a floppy, plug in the USB drive, and run Windows install choosing the ASR restore option.

This freeware script is As Is with no warranty or support.


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