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i really don't understand how to parse files. Heres what i want to do. lets say I want to parse a text file and look for the word 'birthday', then display what line its on, is this possible?, and how would i go about doing it, i've read up on a little but i don't get it.

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Here are pieces you will need and what they do:

  • FileOpen returns a file pointer to a file
  • FileReadLine reads a requested line from a file
  • While loops while a condition is true
  • ExitLoop escapes a loop
  • StringInStr finds a substring in a string
  • MsgBox display a message to the user
We can combine them like this:

$serach = "my serach string"
$file = FileOpen("C:\my_textfile.txt")
If $file = -1 Then;error opening file
  MsgBox(0, "Fatal error", "Unable to open file... quitting")
$i = 1;set the line counter variable
While 1
  $line = FileReadLine($file, $i);get the current line and store to a var
  If @error Then ExitLoop;EOF reached with no success
  If StringInStr($line, $search) Then;we found the text, so tell user and exit
    MsgBox(0, "Text found", "The requested text was found on line " & $i)
  $i = $i + 1
MsgBox(0, "Text not found", "Sorry, your requested text was not found on any line")

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