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How do I make a game?

Now, let me explain, so I sound a little less newbish.

I've taken 2 semesters of VB, 2 semesters of C++, a semester of Java, and I've been programming with AutoIt for YEARS. I'm very familiar with command line coding, where it goes step by step, and familiar with simple object oriented programs. However, I have no idea how to even start programming a live interactive game...

Here is what I am thinking of:

All it is is basically a couple of red spheres float around randomly, or perhaps bounce around the window. Wherever you click, you make a little blue sphere. A blue sphere follows (goes towards) the nearest red sphere. Simple as that. However, this would require knowledge of: Adding objects, object "AI" (blue follow red, red bounce around), making the whole game move at a certain speed, etc.

I'm PRETTY sure this can be done in AutoIt, right? I would prefer to use autoit, as I havent used any other programming language in quite some time.

Is this possible with autoit? If so (and even if not), what is the basic structure for designing such a game? Any useful links or information would be appreciated. Thank you!

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if you want to learn how to program game you should learn Dark BASIC its a language to program in 3d , especially to program games. you should go to www.DarkBasicpro.com and get the software its expensive but worth it you can make very neat applications too

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This is getting really off topic for Autoit now....

(What happened to the General Chat area of the Forum anyway??)

Once the Prospeed UDF is published, games should be easy to do in autoit.

Until then, goto http://phrogram.com/ Phrogram Express is free, the 3D Demo is very impressive!

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Just out of experience, let me warn you that it's much better to use an object-oriented language to program a video.

Just plain put: BASIC is 'teh' sux0rz when it comes to video games.

The DarkBASIC horror... :P

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