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Advanced WinWaitActive reading text in a window?

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I am writing a script that run some commands in a rumba-window (as/400 terminal session).

My script works fine and im using sleep to pause between every screen change.

But this does not work all the time becuse sometimes a screen change can take very long time.

So I would like Autoit to read text in the terminal window to know when to continue.

And I have tested with the WinWaitActive command.

example: WinWaitActive("RUMBA AS/400 Display","CONNECTED")

I was hoping that above line would make autoit wait until a windows have the text connected in it... But it does not work. Autoit waits forever.

(I have activated the windetecthiddentext)

So I would like to know how good AutIt is on reading text in a windows.

Have any of you out there any ideas if this can be done?

regards, Magnus Finbom

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Run the window spy and check if this shows you any of the text in the window. If it doesn't, AutoIt will be unable to see the text.

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