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Hello everyone, i'm trying to write a bot for an online text-based rpg, which uses images to verify that you're a real person and not a bot. I recently discovered there are only a serveral hundred of these images. So im gonna try to first make a bot which just saves all images, and numbers em and then im gonna type out the codes on these images probably in an .ini file. (not sure about that yet). But now my problem is: how can i make my program save the images? the ie.au3 _IEimgclick does not support right clicks, and inetget wont work either (not gonna explain why, but just doesnt work). So, can anybody please tell me if there is another solution? (prefereably a solution that can just run in the background, like the whole IE library)

Edit: im sorry, i think i made a mistake. There are only several hundreds of diffent number combinations used. Though they have a diffrent position in the image everytime and the lines that go across the image are also diffrent. So, please ignore this post, accept for when you have another idea how to bypass this)

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What extension, or what type of image are these images? (.jpg, .gif, etc.). Because InetGet() has always worked for me, perhaps you are not using the proper parameters?

InetGet("www.webpage.com/image.jpg", @scriptdir & "\image1.jpg")

Always be sure that if you were to copy the URL of the picture (www.webpage.com/image.jpg in our case), it would direct you to a webpage with only the image. If this fails, than InetGet() will NOT work.


Awaiting Diablo III..

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