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Problem with _IECreateEmbedded

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This script:

#include <IE.au3>

Run OK.

But this script:

#include <IE.au3>
$Form1=GUICreate("test-browser", 820, 640, 40, 20)
$bof=GUICtrlCreateObj($IE, 1, 1, 810, 630)


While GUIGetMsg()<>-3

Don't run.

For ref, the ap0.htm:

<script language=Javascript>
ponx=new ActiveXObject('Ponx.Mci');


with "Create", the (java)-script is launch

with "CreateEmbedded", the (java)-script is not launched. But the HTML's part is display (in all cases).

I had try to embbed the activeX "Shell.Explorer.2" in another application (Paradox), and, with use of Navigate2("file:///C:/ap0.htm"), it's OK. Consequently, it's not a problem componant (assumption), because it run OK in another place.

Any idea?

Thank by advance

Edited by Michel Claveau
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Thank for your answer.

Sorry, I'm bad in english ; consequently, my explanations was ambiguous.

In reality, the javascript run, in all cases. It's only the "new ActiveXObject" who block (the javascript execution).

If I set two "alert" before, and after, this part of code, with _IECreate, I have 2 alerts, with _IECreateEmbedded, I have only 1 alert.

put the Javascript in a hidden IE window with _IECreate

It's an idea, unfortunately the ActiveX object must interact with the page (exchange of objects)

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