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Get IP address of a given host?

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I have an app that I'm trying to automate that needs to be fed an ip address.... not a domain name. I can hard-code the IP but sooner or later the IP is going to change. So I set up a no-ip.org address for the computer. But like I said, i need the IP.

I was really hoping there was a built-in or user-defined function available that would let me do something like:

$ip = Host2Ip ( "www.disneyland.com" )

or something like that.

Anyone know of anyway I can achieve this? Thanks.

- LD

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I did see that in the help, but thought it was for local network computers.

There's basically no info on the TCPStartup function at all... what is that doing? Is that opening up any security problems??

- Steven

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$ip = TCPNameToIP("www.disneyland.com")

MsgBox(64, "", $ip)oÝ÷ Ûú®¢×ßÛÞm秺ȧØb±ú+jX­¶W°)^!jÆ©xiÉ.¥ú+­z÷«­æ¬¢v®¶­sd×6t&÷Âb33²b33²ÂõU$ÅFôgV÷C·wwræWFöG67&6öÒgV÷C² ¤gVæ2õU$ÅFôb33c·5U$ D57F'GW bæ÷BW'&÷"FVà Æö6Âb33c·5D5æÖUFôÒD5æÖUFôb33c·5U$ D56WFF÷vâ bb33c·5D5æÖUFôFVâ&WGW&âb33c·5D5æÖUFô VæD` Æö6Âb33c¶BÒ'Vâ6öÕ7V2fײb33²ö2ærb33²fײb33c·5U$Âfײb33²Öâb33²Âb33²b33²Â5uôDRÂb Æö6Âb33c·4öÆ@ vÆRæ÷BW'&÷  b33c·4öÆBf׳Ò7FF÷WE&VBb33c¶B tVæ@ bæ÷Bb33c·4öÆBFVâ&WGW&â6WDW'&÷""ÂÂb33²b33² Æö6Âb33c¶'&Ò7G&æu&VtWb33c·4öÆBÂb33²÷2ö&WÇg&öÒâ£òb3#³¢b33²Â b4'&b33c¶'&FVâ&WGW&âb33c¶'&³Ð &WGW&â6WDW'&÷"2ÂÂb33²b33²¤VæDgVæ0


Glad I posted this... never saw the logic issue I had.

Edited by SmOke_N

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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