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Different ways to attach to a window

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Seems I have banged my head again the wall of this one and finally have to ask the question. I have been playing with attaching to IE7 windows before passing too IE.au3. The probelmsI ahve been having are attaching and passing to IEAttach. I cut this down I hope you get the idea

;This code detects top level of IE7 and tabs but doesnt attach. I have a feeling this should work but cant get it to attach to _IEAttach
$title = WinGetTitle("classname=IEFrame","") 
$oIE = _IEAttach($title,"Title")

;Played with this but it doesnt attach either, it should return something like "Google -"
$t1 = StringInStr(WinGetTitle("classname=IEFrame",""),"-")
$title = StringMid(WinGetTitle("classname=IEFrame",""),1,$t1)
$oIE = _IEAttach($title,"Title")

;This works great on the top document but doesnt pick up tabs , I would rather use handles if possible in case two indentical webpages are open
$t1 = StringInStr(WinGetTitle("classname=IEFrame",""),"-")
$t2 = StringMid(WinGetTitle("classname=IEFrame",""),1,$t1)
$title = WinGetHandle($t2,"")
$oIE = _IEAttach($title,"HWnd")

Any suggestions ....??? Thanks in advance !!

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