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With firefox you can click a small button and it will add a new tab . so how could I do a hotkey to add a tab .

Here is the windowspy if that helps ?

Does the window have to be in the same spot all the time ?

(  classname=MozillaWindowClass  )

>>>>>>>>>>> Window Dimensions <<<<<<<<<<<
left: 4  top: 18     width: 783  height: 536

>>>>>>>>>>> Mouse Position <<<<<<<<<<<
On Desktop: x: 25    y: 115
In Window:  x: 21    y: 97

>>>>>>>>>>> Pixel Color Under Mouse <<<<<<<<<<<
RGB Mode -  Hex: 0xEBE8D7   Dec: 15460567
BGR Mode -  Hex: 0xD7E8EB   Dec: 14149867

>>>>>>>>>>> Last Control Under Mouse <<<<<<<<<<<
Class: MozillaWindowClass1

>>>>>>>>>>> Status Bar Text <<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>> Visible Window Text <<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>> Hidden Window Text <<<<<<<<<<<
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In my Firefox (0.93) i can easy use Ctrl+T to create an new tab.

What u want to do then ?


What about Windows without using AutoIt ?It would be the same as driving a car without an steering Wheel!
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