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As you all already probably know I am creating a Run dialogue:


So far so good, the problem is Larry adviced me to change the Control where the user put inputs from a "input" to a "combo" control and to manage history.

Making the new GUI has been quite easy and also managing the history as a pipe delimeted variable, but I have some problems. :ph34r:

I'd like to know if it is a problem of my script or of the combo controls...

1- I can't set the text inside the combo as easy as inside the input, in the input it is enough using a GUIWrite($CTR_INPUT,'','Text'), but I can't do the same in the combo.

2- I can't find the way to avoid that you lose the text you wrote if you have the combo box open while you type and you press Enter.

3- there is a way to enable autocomplete while the user type something that is already in the combo box items?

Thanks anyone!

If it can't be solved, I'll return to my good old "input" and I'll manage history via hotkey, like the good old dos days... :(

Scrap of code of GUI creation... if it is useful.


If IniRead('"' & @ScriptDir & '\settings.ini"', 'main', 'alwaysontop', 0) = 1 Then
GUICreate( "-+R-u-n+-!", 270, 22, @DesktopWidth / 2 - 20, 0, $COMMONSTYLE, $COMMONSTYLEEX)

$CTR_INPUT = GUISetControl("combo", '', 41, 1, 200, 200, $EDITSTYLE)


$CTR_OK = GUISetControl("button", '&Run!', 241, 1, 28, 19, $BUTTONSTYLE)

$CTR_OPEN = GUISetControl("button", '&Open...', 1, 1, 40, 19, $BUTTONSTYLE)
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