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Could Ypr^ repost his message re ftp script

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Just having a bad day!!!, It was a forum based email message not a link to a post and monday mornings I am braindead until I have drunk a couple of gallons of coffee and at least two live brains, (though I did reply to it first)


(Dawn of the living dead!!)

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Did my sugestion not help?

Did I missunderstand the problem?

I am sorry, but I am not used to helpping on forums, and would like feedback.

Shouldn't you be doing a lcd  instead of a cd?  Also, when I tried (by hand on win98), lcd didn't work if there was a space, so you may need to quote it.

FileWriteline( "ftp.ftp", 'lcd "' & $answer2 & '"' )

I haven't tested this myself, so let me know if it doesn't work.



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