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need help with a small script

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Ok, heres what it is..

let's say I have a list of names:







Now lets say I have a script that needs to input a name, then say Hello (name).

then move on to the next name and repeat.... once it hits the end of the list, it sleeps for 1 min and then repeats the list. Now how would i do that in simple form if I had 100 names?

I remember very little from my programming classes in highschool...

need something like:

X = name

y = 0;


if y = 1, then x = bob;

if y = 2, hen x = Sara;

if y = 3, hen x = Susan;

if y = 4, hen x = james;

if y = 5, hen x = theodore;

if y = 6, hen x = Erik;;

if y = 7, then sleep(60000) and y= 0;

send("Hello, ") x



i need something like this, but for autoIT. and it's like 2:30 in the morning here so please pardon my half assed programming.

my progrm needs to input the name into a specific field, (got the field part covered), then do the rest of the instructions I gave it, then switch to the next name in the list, repeat the previous set of instructions, then after it finishes doing the task with all the names, it starts all over again.

Please post any help,


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untested but I'll leave the details to you:

$x = StringSplit('bob,Sara,Susan,james,theodore,Erik', ',')
While 1
    for $y = 1 to $x[0]
        Send('Hello ' & $x[$y])
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ok, here's a sample copy of my script... it's sloppy, I know.

I need to know how to do this script and cycle through all 100 names... then have it ask me after doing it 100 time if I want to do it again... no response = yes, do it again or clicking no ends the script.  any help?


oh, and just fyi... i did have it just copied and pasted 100 times and manually put in the username on each copy.... I'd like to avoid that.
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Did you ever check the other thread you started and answers given ?


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