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ok in a program im making i have a input box that comes up and asks a person to enter a number 1-5 how can i make it so that if their answer is 1 it will GoTo the section that i want it to or if they pick 2 how can i make it GoTo another section? in other words wats the command for GoTo since it no longer exists...

question answered by myself lol check next post for next question

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$var = inputbox("Input", "Please Enter a Value from 1 - 5")
     If $var < 1 or $var > 5 Then
          MsgBox(0, "Error", "Invalid Value" & @CRLF & "Click OK To Exit")

     Case $var = 1
          'Code goes here

     Case $var = 2
          'Code goes here

     Case $var = 3
          'Code goes here

     Case $var = 4
          'Code goes here

     Case $var = 5
          'Code goes here


That takes care of that part, but i'm not sure what you're wanting with the music repeating

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read help file.

search something that begins with So and ends in ay

$hint$: Sou--P-ay :ph34r:

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