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Sync time from the net

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Hi AutoIt people. I arribe this forum with a little big problem.

My friend have a old laptop in the LAN (his office) that forget the time when is shutdown because the motherboard's battery is spent. Every day he must put the time again. But I discovered the NET TIME command and using NET TIME \\PC_0024 /SET /YES the time sync at real time.

Because I don't know nothing about programing, and AutoIt is likely the most easy, I need some help with the creation of a program with a Gui interface that can automatize the operation. I thinked something like that:

Posted Image

In the list must apper the PCs from the net, Sync time now set the real time, and Sync at startup put a new value in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run with "SyncTimeNet" = "NET TIME \\%PCNAME% /SET /YES

If is impossible use a list to list PCs, can be a input to write the PC name.


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Because you don't know nothing about programing, it would be better to buy and present battery for his motherboard, I think.

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