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Array display window always on top, how do I do?

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I created a small script that copies values from one page (tab) in Firefox and then I click on a new page (tab) and it pastes the values into fields. The last version of AutoIT (I made no changes to the my script) always kept the array display window with the values on top while i clicked between tabs, then I pressed "Close" on the display window, it would paste in the values on the new page and the display window would disappear , no problem..

Now, when I had the current version of AutoIT when I click on the second tab (to paste the values in) , the display window no longer stays on top , so each time I have to go to the task bar, click on the display window and then press close.

My question is:...... Is there anything I can do to keep the display window on top while I change to the second tab in firefox.



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