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Paste and select pasted text

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Having trouble figuring out how to automatically select (highlight) text pasted from the clipboard.

I'm aware of 'MouseClickDrag', but i don't think that's what i want to use. And since the text could be multiple lines, i don't think 'Send ("{left 3}") at the caret position is an option.

Searched the forums and referred to the help manual, but this one has me stumped.

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Still lost on this one. I don't think i explained the problem correctly either. What i want to do:

Select some text in a 3rd party application (ex: web browser) (no problem here)

Copy it (no problem here)

Switch to another 3rd party app (ex: notepad) (no problem here)

Paste the text (no problem here)

Push button on the AutoIt GUI and select the text just pasted -- and this is where i'm stuck. I need to select the text without having to know the x, y coordinates (since they will change every time the operation is done).

Been playing with 'GUICtrlSetData', 'ClipGet', '_GUICtrlEditSetSel', 'ControlCommand', '_GUICtrlEditGetSel' and a few other functions.

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the 3rd party app is KompoZer (unofficial Mozilla NVU bugfix).

what i want to do is select the pasted text and apply a CSS style. applying the style is no problem, but selecting the text pasted from the clipboard seems to be :)

another possible option may be to manipulate the text in the clipboard directly, if that's even possible. and yet another option might be to paste the text in a disabled, hidden window (like an edit box? or whatever), manipulate it and then paste it to KompoZer.

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