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Portable AutoIt

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Hi guys and gals!

Does anyone know how to setup the Scite environment to make it find the USB AutoIt compilers on the USB?

After updating from the zip distro to the latest version of all the development apps (compilers, wrapper, obfuscator, ...), Scite is no more able to regularly find the compiler and can simply compile one file at a time.

I cannot successfully compile/build to an exe when the main file needs to include one or more files which do not reside in the official includes directories.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

I was very very happy to be able to develop on my USB, no matter what PC I was on and now I feel sad... I would say desperate!

Thx in advance to all.

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Write a wrapper/script to update the SciTec configs before running SciTe.exe with new paths using @ScriptDir macro. I did this a while back for the same purpose. Sorry I dont think I have the script anymore. But I will look.


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