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While.... Wend loop for a given number of times ...

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I have been using

While 1

<the task>


to carry out a task repeatedly.

How do I modify this method so I can carry out the task "X" times?

An input popup asking the question "How may times do you want to repeat ths task" would be ideal?

Any help appreciated, thanks, Simon.

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there are several easy ways...

use a FOR loop..

for $i = 0 to 100

or in a while....

$i = 0
while $i < 100
$i += 1

or a do loop...

$i = 0
$i +=1
until $i = 100


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I get it, its just i didn't know how to resolve it?

However, I tried to resolve and followed the syntax assistant to the letter, and ended up with it working, but whatever number i I entered, I always got a "3" displayed, but the loop worked the correct number of times.

Resorted to your simpler method ..... works spot on.

Thanks, Simon.

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