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Copying columns from one Excel doc to another doc

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Hi all,

Just started to use the ExcelCOM_UDF.au3 and found it to be a great but also a bit complex. Thought i might ask ideas as to how I might be able to automate my task using this include.

I have an excel document that has about 25 columns and about 300 rows. What I need (as an example) is to copy column 5 from Book1.xls to column 1 of Book2.xls and then Column 3 from Book1.xls to Column2 of Book2.xls and so on and then save the new excel as a new file. Please note this is just an example.

I started trying to use :

_ExcelCopy($oBook, $sRangeOrRowStart, $iColStart = 1, $iRowEnd = 1, $iColEnd = 1)

However I don't know how to specify "$sRangeOrRowStart". I looked at the include and found that $sRangeOrRowStart - Either an A1 range, or an integer row number to start from if using R1C1 but can find any example of it in action. Can someone point me in the right direction please. Thanks.

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