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How read a hexadecimal file

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Hi all,

I do some search but find nothing...

Today I need a script witch read file in HEXA mode. I used before the "binary.dll" 'plugins" which be used like this :

$resr = DllCall(@ScriptDir & "\binary.dll", "int", "FileReadBinary", "str", "binary.", "int", 100, "int", 200, "str", "")
MsgBox (0, "Return code = " & $resr[0], "Readed 200 bytes at offset 100:" & @CR & @CR & $resr[4])

But this example script doesn't work anymore, do you have a solution ?

in fact i need to read a file at a specific hexa adress

thk for help ! and sorry if my english is not pretty good

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yes i know this, but we can't go directly to a know offset... and we can't read the hexa string directly ( or i am very stupid ^^ )

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