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Prompt for checkboxes

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OK... so here is my first noobie question of the day.

I'd like for AutoIt to prompt me (ala message box) with a list of names with checkboxes next to them. Then when I select some or all of the checkboxes, have only the checked ones become part of a reusable variable.

Hope I'm clear, and I look forward to helping others once my experience grows... Andre

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Well, you'll have to create your own custom GUI with the checkboxes and buttons you want. If you have the 'light' SciTe version that comes in the AutoIt installation package, download the full one. You can find it in the download section of the site. This version comes with a bunch of tools that will help you, such as Koda (You can also download it from here.) This excellent tool will help you design your own GUI really easily.

Then you'll need to look in the help file for:




With all that you should be able to do what you want.

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