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How to use i18n testing tools with AutoIt

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AutoIt V3 is freeware scripting language and it powerful automating Windows task

that can bear comparison business testing tools script like Winrunner and SilkTest script.

But AutoIt no have good IDE and Framework to collect autoit good functions.

Winrunner and SilkTest majar support function testing, for i18n(Internationalization) software testing is not support so good.

Why are not develop testing IDE tools with AutoIt script.

If AutoIt have a testing IDE tools then it's a brightness future to fetch more of users(biz customers) to use and select this script language.

I have some idea to share you.

This forum cannot upload over 64k size file on it, so I upload the PPT file on google group site.

It's include i18n automation testing tools project plan:

Shared some i18n testing idea discusse with you.

I wish it helpful for you and suggest this site add testing tools IDE topic on this forum.

That PPT file include below contents.

§1.Software testing

§2.iYAF(i18n Yarage Automation Framework) Testing Architecture

§3.iYAF for AutoIt

§4.Action Code and Action Data

§5.Recorder / DoIt / TDB / Reporter

§6.Robot Agent / Console Center

§7.iYAF for shell (iYAF implement with shell script)

§8.iYAF for shell Getting Started

If your have interested them, Please click to review the iYAF4it.pps file.



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