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WEB scripting with Autoit?

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Dear Scripters,

I worked a little bit with Autoit and I like it very much. I would like to program some scripts to log in to the webpage of my bank (https), download the web page itself with the transactions and parse the html file into some useful format. I was wondering that there are standard functions or UDFs support WEB page manipulation (i.e. giving a password, login from the script filling in forms etc.) ? Or I am better of doing this in Python (where I have not done an effort yet to program a GUI - which is very easy in Autoit)

Any help/pointers is appreciated!

TIA : Viktor

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have a look at the IE_Mangement UDF's.

You may/should also download: http://www.debugbar.com/

which gives you detailed information for the webpage and where the Input boxes are placed.

Pay attention to the point, that the Input boxes maybe on frames, so from the $IE Object you have first to create further objects for the frame(s) where the Input boxes are in.

If your Bank supports FinTS (HBCI...), there are freeware on the market (commandline-line tools, ....), at least for the German market.

HTH, Reinhard

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