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Windows Wireless Config

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I am a system admin at a fairly large educational institution in Australia. Many of our users use our on-site wireless service, however it requires some configuration. I want to automate the following in Control Panel -> Network Connections -> Right Hand Mouse Click Wireless Device -> Properties

Wireless Network Connection Properties, Wireless Networks Tab:

-"Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings" CHECKED

Add Button, Wireless Networks Tab:

Association Tab:


Network Authentication: WPA

Data Encryption: TKIP

-"The key is provided..." CHECKED

-"This is a computer-to-computer (ad-hoc)..." UNCHECKED

Authentication Tab:


-"Authenticate as a computer when..." CHECKED

-"Authenticate as a guest..." UNCHECKED

Properties button, Authentication Tab:

-"Validate Server Certificate" UNCHECKED

Authentication Method: EAP-MSCHAP-v2

-"Enable Fast Reconnect" UNCHECKED

Any help would be much appreciated :-)

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Question for Distrophy,

Do you know exactly where you can find those keys in the register? I'm puzzling with the exact same problem.

Many thanks in advance!

I believe certain additions require at least disabling then reenabling the adaptor (which im sure someone has a dll call for



Each adapter installed will be listed there. If you are planning on having users run this, you could have those pop up in a list and ask them to select the appropriate one so you don't mess anything up.

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