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How do I hide listview items that don't have an online image in their column (see code) when my checkbox is selected?

If $Online > 0 Then
    INIWrite("C:\buddies.ini", "OnlineBuddies", $buddyname, IniRead("C:\buddies.ini", "OnlineBuddies", $buddyname, "") & $text & ","); Writes the buddy's name and table to the ini
    GUICtrlSetData($Img, "||" & _NowDate() & " at " & _NowTime(3))
    GUICtrlSetImage($Img, "shell32.dll", -138); [b]Online image[/b]
    GUICtrlSetImage($Img, "shell32.dll", -110); [b]Offline image[/b]

Is there a way to check each item one by one maybe in a For Next Loop if they have an Online image in the column and if so keep, otherwise hide?

While Alive() {
AutoIt Programmer
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Or rather how do I get a columns control ID?

The only reference I see to a ListView is in your title, not any in the code. But you do seem to be trying to control a complex control with only the native GuiCtrl* functions.

You need to completely rethink that based on the GuiListView.au3 UDF functions. Look up _GuiCtrlListView_* in the help file.

(Tweaked additionally in the recently released Beta...)


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