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Tutorials or examples for beginners?

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I've been using AutoIt for a few months now, but I've only just taken the plunge with the GUI version. I've started playing around with the new features, and they look great.

I was just wondering if anybody has written any tutorials or examples for the GUI version. I searched the forums and found the link to the tutorials on the wiki. Unfortunately there isn't a tutorial for the GUI yet.

I think a few simple tutorials to ease newcomers into GUI scripting would be really useful.



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Did you try reading the manual? :idiot:

Start with 'GUI Reference', 'Create a GUI window' finally 'GUI Control creation'. Read carefully, looked all examples and made some script you'll should look the more advanced features.

Just a thing I think it is not too clear in the helpfile.

The style and exstyle option should be actived summing up all options you need, so at least at begining take the 'default list' and add or remove what you need.

E.g. about common styles:

The default list in help file is


that in code means

GUICreate ( "title" ,width ,height ,left , top ,$Style,exStyle,parent)

Just change the line in $Style for having the window you need. like

$Style = $style + $WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW

for having a GUI with no taskbar item.

(Of course I used 2 line for making more clear, it is unneeded)

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Thanks for the reply.

Of course I read the manual! I just find that tutorials are an excellent way to learn new things. I'm sure there are others who feel the same.

Thanks for your notes on style, should be useful.

When I've mastered the art of GUI creation, perhaps I'll try and write a tutorial myself. :idiot:

Thanks again,


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... maybe 'I' am stupid. What do you mean with 'Tutorials'? Whats wrong in the manual?


A manual in general is a reference book you use to look up commands, like a dictionary is used for looking up words.

A tutorial is a "Study book" type of document that explain where to start and work out examples.... like the "XYZ For Dummies" books.

The Helpfile is really a manual type of reference document.

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