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Guest Py7|-|[]/\/

This is almost pointless with Windows. It is a slow OS, and will always be... The only way to speed it up is to close out of processes. More secure you say? Well... I'm not sure about you, but I think a firewall and spyware detector takes care of pretty much anything. If you want REAL security or to fix a kernel that you don't like then you need BSD.

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I only use Xp for school and stuff I have a Fedora Core 3, NavynOs, FreeBSD and a Linux 6.1 server.


There is no Linux 6.1. You mean Suse Linux 6.1. And Suse sucks.

And I donĀ“t see the sense in your program. There are firewalls, viriiscanner and anti-spyware programs.

[quote name='d2hacker88' date='Jan 6 2005, 05:10 PM']Can someone please help me out with autoit like gimme a link on how to use it cause i have no experience with computer languages and i'd like to make a program with autoit in order to empress my computer teacher.[right][snapback]52215[/snapback][/right][/quote]

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There is a Linux 6.1, jesus, Who was the majorproducer of linux? Redhat! so when someone says something about 2.81.x then think it's redhat man.


When I think Linux, I think Linux.org. Not Redhat? If you posted this garbage in a linux forum, they would trash you.

Your knowledge of Operating Systems needs much improvement. Along with other things.

Linux is built upon the contribution of 1000s of developers worldwide and Linux Online is no different. We count on people like you to bring us new and interesting information, provide updates for our various databases and make suggestions on improving our site and our support of the Linux Operating System.

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  • overweight - No, slightly underweight.
  • obese - See above.
  • anerxic - No, I'm close to the target weight for my age/height.
  • bolimic - No, I retain my food until it naturally decides to leave.
  • physically abused - Afraid not.
  • sexually abused - Afraid not.
  • verbally abuse - Afraid not.
  • mentally abuse - Afraid not.
  • any other type - Afraid not.
I guess that puts me in the 1%.

So, do you have any other bullshit stereotypes you want to put me in, now?

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Linux 6.1 is incorrect.

Linux=Redhat is incorrect.

Linux=Linux is correct.

Derbian, Mandrake, Redhat etc etc enhance on the linux OS as it is open source.

What you claim with the tag of jesus on the end is dumbass bulls**t.

And yet again, you try to justify your bold attitude. Don't post rubbish and Valik will not have a remark for you.

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Dalarn, I've never seen such a long post say so little. Do you even read back what you type? (Other than for spell check, I mean.)

You say you've been a lurker for a while, and have read numerous posts before actually coming to the forums. If that were true, wouldn't you already know how certain people would respond to things that you post?

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Originally I was interested in your request for colaboration on your project...That has changed after reading your lengthy rebuttal.

Ultimately you have some issues that are beyond my .00001% threshold of putting up with others BS. Simply put, you don't let other people be who they are and how they are. So what if you get flamed...ever had a night out on the town and said something you regreted the next day?

Look to the left, and you will see that I've been a forum member far longer than a year! I am the lurker...not you! I've taken far more from this forum than I have contributed.

Go ahead, scan the forum and look at all of my posts and replies...And tell me what trend you discover regarding my ability or inability to use this scripting language.

I'm confident that everyone here is willing to let you be who and how you are...We've all moved beyond this post and beginning to forget. Have a nice life!

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This is becoming ridiculous Dalarn! There was none of this crap before you posted inane stuff.

To post stuff like:

Everyone in america was or currently is, Bullied in School, Verbally Haressed by a rival at work or some dick head you hate.

just shows the level intercourse you are capable of.

My take is that Valik does not suffer fools easily - you have reinforced that for me.

And it pisses me off to have my 100th post devoted to this type of subject!

Edited by alawoona
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My only current issue is you. Wherever you got these foolish ideas, I have no idea, but crawl back into that hole and read some more because you're about 4000 miles away from the mark. Your pathetic attempt to justify your asinine post actually made me laugh at the sheer stupidity of your arguments. Thats such a base generalization of human existence that every human should be attempting to kill one or more other humans right now. Your logic is beyond flawed, its critically broken on several fundamental levels. If you're going to form a theory on why somebody is the way they are, then at least get a clue first. You're grasping at invisible straws trying to peg me. You're so far from the mark its laughable. Your pathetic attempt to sway me to whatever "side" you are on is... cute. Why the hell should I change from some pathetic half-wit on a forum? I live in no past you seem to think I do. I don't have a clue what you're on, what your particular mental ailment is, or where you got such a foolish idea, but let me give you a piece of advice: Stop attempting to analyze people, you suck quite a large set of balls at doing so. I've had no tramatic experiences nor do I bear any grudges which would cause me to be as I am. If you're convinced that something did cause this other than my own decisions, then I congratulate you on being an even bigger moron than I was giving you credit for.

Have you any more insolent retorts to throw my way? This is fun. For now, till I get tired of you and throw you in the trash like some other worthless, used up toy.

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