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Small question

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I'm pretty new to AutoIt, so forgive me if this has been covered or is in the wrong forum, but I can't find it. :D

How can I edit a path that I have received in a variable? I created a browse button that will look for an excel file, and I want to filter out just the file name from the path:

EX. path = c:\folder\FileName.xls

I would like to extract the FileName.xls part to add to a variable for use later on in the script.

(And the c:\folder\ part will not always be the same path)

Any help is appreciated.


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You may also want to check out the _PathSplit function.

From the help file:

#include <file.au3>
Dim $szDrive, $szDir, $szFName, $szExt
_PathSplit(@ScriptFullPath, $szDrive, $szDir, $szFName, $szExt)
MsgBox(0,"_PathSplit",$szFName& $szExt)

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