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Yogi Yang

Sending UNICODE characters to MS Word problem

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I am trying to send the following string to MS Word 2003 :

"{ENTER}--- {ASC 2693} --- {ASC 0xA95} --- {ENTER}"

It is showing square blocks instead of Unicode characters.

If I add these characters using Insert->Symbol in MS Word these characters are showing perfectly without any problems.

What must be the problem?


Yogi Yang

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You did not state what AutoIt function you were using to "send" the unicode...

Look here for some limitations...


If you knew that and are already using something other than "Send", post some code that shows the problem.

Thanks for the link.

I am basically trying to use AutoITX.dll from VB to send a few UNICODE characters to MS Word. I have tried with Send as well as ControlSend but both are not working. As per documentation if we want to send UNICODE characters to a Unicode enabled application we should use ASC function:

To send UNICODE characters enter the character code (decimal or hex), for example this sends a Chinese character

Send("{ASC 2709}") or Send("{ASC 0xA95}")

Lastly how can I put UNICODE characters on clipboard?

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