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Are you bored - looking for something to do..

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Does someone fancy making a simple GUI 'menu' UDF :idiot:

This could be something like

Func _menu($stext,$iMulti, $sMeniItem1,$smenuItem2,$meunuItem3,etc,etc)

$iMulti - this would define the number of selections that would be possible, eg 1 ,2 etc

Then add the menu items.


$x = _menu("Choose a colour",1,"red,blue,green,yellow)

This would allow people to very quickly create simple menu lists for selection without having to script a GUI.

Just a thought /idea /suggestion :D

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This is already being done.

Its has alot of work to go but its getting there... Check Development.

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Did a quick check - didn't see anything. :">

I didn't think it would be too complicated.

It was just an idea for a very quick, simple, no thrills menu UDF

I thought about 2 different styles.

1. Items would be listed with a checkbox beside them to select item(s)

2. Items would listed as button labels.

I thought that if you limited number of items displayed to about 10 then there would not need to be too many size checks built into the UDF.

It was just a thought - if someone was bored and was looking for something to do........ :idiot:

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