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Hello ,

i am using function _ArrayMin for lowest numerically value , but the array i am using this function might include value -1 that i would like to avoid ,my question is there any way to search for lower value but that bigger than -1 for this example?.


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_ArrayMin is very easy to rewrite:

Dim $array[5]=[10,-1,8,2,6]

MsgBox(0,"Lowest is:",$lowest)

Func _ArrayMin_Mod(ByRef $aArray, $iFloor=0)
    Local $iLowest=""
    For $i=0 To Ubound($aArray)-1
        If $iLowest="" Or ( $aArray[$i]<$iLowest And $aArray[$i]>=$iFloor) Then
    Return $iLowest


Broken link? PM me and I'll send you the file!

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