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guiconstants.au3, is there another version somewhere

>"C:\drivec\AutoIt3\autoit3.exe" /ErrorStdOut "C:\drivec\AutoIt3\BORRAYA.AU3"

C:\drivec\AutoIt3\Include\GUIConstants.au3 (13) : ==> Unknown function name.:

Global Const $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE = -3

Global ^ ERROR

>Exit code: 1 Time: 0.457

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Download a newer beta of AutoIt. The Const keyword has been added in the last couple weeks and apparently you have an older version which doesn't recognize it.

To All: In the future, please make sure you have the latest version of AutoIt before posting things like this, most likely, the problem is in fact that you do not have the latest version as new builds come out very frequently.

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