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Script sometimes fails from Startup folder

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I have a script that runs from a shortcut in the Startup folder. The script is locating in C:\Program Files\Diagnostics

The machine is locked down, and the script runs a diagnostic program as the system administrator at machine boot.

Usually, but not always, the script reports that is already running. I have checked that the script is only running from one place - IE only launched a single time. If I bring the PC back here, it works every time!?!

If the script fails, logging off and back on as the same user makes the script always work.

This is the script:

RunAsSet("Administrator", @Computername, "password")

$User = StringUpper(@UserName)

$Serv_Launch_Addr = IniRead("Diags.ini", "main", "ServerLaunchAddress", "https://xxx.com")

$Serv_Kiosk_Mode = IniRead("Diags.ini", "main", "ServerLaunchKiosk", "1")

$IExplore = IniRead("Diags.ini", "main", "IExplore", "IExplore")

RunWait("C:\Program Files\Diagnostics\Diags.exe", "C:\Program Files\Diagnostics", @SW_MAXIMIZE )

if $Serv_Kiosk_Mode = "1" Then

$cmdline = $IExplore & " -k " & $Serv_Launch_Addr


$cmdline = $IExplore & " " & $Serv_Launch_Addr


;MsgBox(0,"", "cmdline=" & $cmdline)

RunWait( $cmdline, "", @SW_MAXIMIZE )

;MsgBox(0,"", "After Launch RunWait" & $cmdline)

If $User = "OPERATOR" Then



; Reset user's permissions


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