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Reading from file and storing as a variable

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What is the code please to be able to read data from a file (in the format: name, password per line) and storing the name and password as two separate variables?

I'm planning on doing a loop to read the records (name and password) but how can i count the number of records so I can store it as a variable for the loop?


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In particular, check:




A little example script:

$filename = ''

$h = FileOpen($Filename,0)
If $h <> -1 Then
   While 1
      $line = StringStripWS(FileReadLine($h),7)
      If @error Then
      $line = StringSplit($line,',')
      If $line[0] >= 2 Then
         MsgBox(0,'','Name ' & $line[1] & @lf & 'Pass ' & $line[2])
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