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exe created with AutoIt does not show name

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I have created and compiled an AutoIt script as abc.exe.

I have used Explorer to associate any filename.abc to always use abc.exe to open any file with an extension of .abc.

However, in Explorer when I right click on a file such as xyz.abc and display the Open With list, the list shows "AutoIt v3 compiled script" rather than the actual executable name abc.exe. When I create multiple different .exe files used to open a variety of file types; all of the .exe files have the same "AutoIt v3 compiled script" name in the Explorer OpenWith list. Is there any way I can get the actual name of the compiled script such as abc.exe to appear in Explorer?


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When using AutoIt in combination with the Scite4AutoIt installer, you can easy change the name with so called "compiler" directives......

Have a look at it.....


What about Windows without using AutoIt ?It would be the same as driving a car without an steering Wheel!
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I'm not sure SciTE is necessarily the answer here :lmao: :

I don't use SciTE, but when I compile an exe and follow swin4ort's procedure, the exe-name is listed as he wishes in the Open With list (see attachment)

I'm on NT4 :"> , AU3 v

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all of the .exe files have the same "AutoIt v3 compiled script"

"Autoit v3 compiled script" would be the preset description.

At sometime during versions of beta, description was removed.

The latest beta does not preset this description.

CompileAU3 by JdeB, can add a description with Resource Hacker. (as in Scite)

Picture displays use with v1.0.102

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So as a general solution for those who don't use SciTE, see this thread:


.. explains how to edit the AutoItSC.bin file, which will affect all your subsequent compiles.




Just look for CompileAU3 on My Autoit Stuff webpage. Its a shell for aut2exe and also has the posibility to update the ressource info using reshacker.

see http://www.autoitscript.com/fileman/users/jdeb/compileau3doc/compileau3.htm

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