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HotKeySet() and Camelot

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I can't seem to get HotKeySet() to work with Dark Age of Camelot. Send() works fine, however.

I've created a lot of scripts with AutoIt3, and have had no problems getting HotKeySet() to work with other applications.

Here's a simple script to isolate the behavior:

Global $gWindowName = "Dark Age of Camelot, Copyright © 2001-04 Mythic Entertainment, Inc."

; Main function.
Func MyMain()
    SoundPlay("amazonstatue_hit3.wav", 1)
    HotKeySet("{PRINTSCREEN}", "MyExit")

    while 1 = 1
        Sleep( 100 )

; Exit the script.  Called by the the HotKeySet binding at the top of the program.
Func MyExit()
    SoundPlay("sorccast2.wav", 1)

; Call the main function

After activating the window and hearing the first sound play (right before HotKeySet() is called), pressing the {PRINTSCREEN} key (or any other valid key I try to use) has no effect. The game will see the keypresses but AutoIt3 will not.

If I click out into another window (when I run the game in Windowed mode -- this same behavior happens full-screen or windowed) and then press PRINTSCREEN the script function MyExit() will execute.

Any thoughts?



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