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whenever i try to edit and save an au3 script in Crimson to a network share i get an error "Access to an unnamed file was denied" and in the remote directory of the file a new file gets created with the name MFC15A.tmp or MFC15C.tmp....it jumps a letter each time from A to C to E..etc on each edit-save. I do have rights to the directory and i can edit the files in notepad and save em. Anyone with a clue or a hintas where these are coming from?



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on the shared folder do you have "Let other network users change my files" checked? (i dont know if that is exactly what it says)

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other users? i dont know about that..but i have admin privledges on the share. But like i said, i can write to the file through notes...I can even save a new file through crimson but not save an update or new edit to a file through crimson. I can save normal txt files through crimson...just notthe au3 or ini...weird..im saving locally and copying over for now

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