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Some beginner help

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I've been playing around with trying to make a script to retrieve some data from websites, but getting blocked immediately. WinGetText does not seem to be what I am looking for, or maybe I'm just using it wrong. Let's say I want to get the daily movie quote from www.imdb.com, what functions should I look into?

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Search in Helpfile for IE UDF

Big thanks, Zedna, I truly didn't know where to begin.

The following 7 lines took me only an hour to write. :)

It's not pretty, it's absolutely nothing special, but it's mine!

Now I guess I know how it feels like to be a parent...

#include <IE.au3>

$oIE = _IECreate ("http://www.imdb.com")

$sText = _IEBodyReadText ($oIE)

$Start = StringInStr($sText, "Movie/TV Quote of the Day")

$End = StringInStr($sText, "From which TV show/Movie?")

$Quote = StringMid($sText,$Start,$End-$Start)

MsgBox(0, "The IMDB quote of the day:", $Quote)

Please be my guest if anyone wants to point out what I can do more effectively. I know I will be back with more retarded questions soon enough. :)

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