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Alright, this right here. Is something that I've been toying around with ever since i read "nobbe"''s, topic about his Mplayer GUI. It was a very basic script sending commands to mplayer. It made me curious since im a big fan of mplayer, the idea of embedding it in gui's and learning to control it. Since it supports such a huge amount of codecs any site, hosting videos could be written an application for. The main reason i wrote this script was ofc for learning purposes and to hopefully write a base if anyone would like to rewrite it for their favorite video site :)

Custom Rss feed can be generated at http://www.gametrailers.com/rssgenform.php

Anyway. Feel free to do whatever you want with the source, but remember to be nice and leave a credit to whomever wrote that piece of code.

I will upload the source-code "Au3" file here. But due to upload size limitations i will not upload mplayer and the image files needed for proper compile. These necessary files will be hosted on my private webserver.

Remember that this is a BETA release, there will be bugs. If you write a fix it would be nice to post it here. Proper credits will be given.

; compile instructions

Drop all the files into one folder, then compile this script. All the files will be embedded in the executable and when ran the images are extracted to Tempdir and mplayer.exe to scriptdir. The mplayer.exe is a recent Sherpya SVN build, Any recent build should work just fine.

; END compile instructions

GTplayer.au3 Source-Code


Precompiled GTPlayer.exe

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nice work!

i found the -wid option would only work with this new mplayer , it didnt work on my older installation

the internet will only work here if no proxy is required. so it would be better to use the "_ie" functions to get the files over the proxy.

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