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I've used window's defender alone for the past 3 years. Other then 2 occasions where my room mates downloaded a virus, I haven't had any issues. I find AV programs annoying. When I'm downloading things I don't want to be warned 30 times that something is downloading from the web, are you sure you trust the content, the file you're downloading contains an .exe. And the few issues I have usually restoring to an earlier date works.


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And no offense, but I think those that don't run AV because "I know what I'm doing", are just deluding themselves. Saying something like "After you've been hit by enough virii, you know how to handle them" is a bit silly. The concept is to not get a virus in the first place! I've yet to have my system infected thanks to AV

Well you are entitled to your opinion, no offense taken; but don't be so hasty to judge how others handle their computers or their capabilities. The key sentence in your argument that i disagree with is "The concept is to not get a virus in the first place!". Well maybe that is your approach, but i have a junker computer here who's sole life's purpose is to be infected with the newest strains of viruses. So in the event that my main rig does get infected, i'll know what i'm dealing with. If you don't familiarize yourself with potential threats, then no, you won't know how to handle it. And will lose an hdd to reformat, or two, or three.

But besides all of this, I require the maximum amount of speed out of my main rig, I spent about $2000 building it and I'm not about to slow it down with any unnecessary program, especially one that eats the amount of resources that an AV does. If all you do is surf the net and play a game or two, fine, enjoy your AV. But if you rendered 3D anim, then i think you may be singing a different tune. I've got about a TB of info that i would hate to lose, my fear (by about 99.99%) is hardware failure, in other words, an hdd dying. The other .01% can go to a fear of a "viral armageddon" lol.

PS: To say that you've NEVER been infected because your AV rides in to save the day is FALSE my friend, no AV is foolproof. To think that, I believe is what's silly. It's called 'false sense of security'. I've seen viruses that pass thru VirusTotal.com with flying colors. On top of this I've seen countless legitimate programs fail the test do to false positives.

To the originally thread starter, sorry i didn't mean to hijack the topic, i wont add anymore replies to this thread :)

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Not to threadjack either...

Sure, its safe to not use a AV software, if your computer will never be in contact with any type of removable medium or externally connected source of data. If your in a bunker or silo that's wonderful news!

The fact is that those who create viruses don't always create a virus that will show up in your processes or create distress signals, or affect your computing to any degree of notice. They'll slowly siphon your personal data and steal anything and everything they can.

Yes, some virus scanning software might let a virus or two through if you've been to nefarious sites that are on the brink of technological virus coding. But those are slim and far between for the average user. Average user surfing will net you the usual "Latest Antivirus 2009 Download Now!" scam.

If you know the exact sites you are going to do not have any viruses (you obviously know a site could get hacked possibly) and you are a professional IT person I would say it's OK, but not completely safe, to use your computer on the internet (granted you have something like no script) or insert removable medium on your computer.

If you can't run virus software on your machine because you need every precious ounce of mhz and ram then you really should only be using it to do the one thing it was designed for and not use it for any other software or processes.

However, the average user MUST use virus scanning software. I suggest Eset NOD32 as a great consumer and enterprise solution. Never use Virustotal.com to make any definitive conclusions about your computer. Seriously bad advice.

I agree completely with HeffeD and Koshy_John

For more information on AV software go to the site below...


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Imho ESET SS or AV is full of WIN. Lightweight but delivers a strong punch. Try it out :)

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My English is not good!

The Link is Die

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Thanks You!

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