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FileOpenDialog on remote computer?

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okay, great!

But if i want to do it with Larry's au3xtra.dll, so i get the clients info to use with fileopendialog.

Then i would have to specifi for The Servers FileOpenDialog, were it can get the info. So i guees it would be something like sends a request to the client, for the info?

Something like:

If $FileOpenDialogBtn Then

GetInfo = $ret = DLLCall("au3xtra.dll","int","TCPRecv", "int",$ConnectedSocket, "str", "", "int", 512 )

FileOpenDialog('Test','$GetInfo','Images (*.jpg;*.bmp)')


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I don't know how the functions in the au3xtra.dll work but, when u use tcp communication u know the address of your client right ?

So then FileOpenDialog('Test','\\'& $ClientIpOrSomethingLikeThat & '\c$','Images (*.jpg;*.bmp)')


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What about Windows without using AutoIt ?It would be the same as driving a car without an steering Wheel!
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FileOpenDialog('Test','\\client\c$','Images (*.jpg;*.bmp)')

Just testet it at home, my other computer on the networks is called Server, so i ran this:

FileOpenDialog('Test','\\server\c$','Images (*.jpg;*.bmp)')

it just pops up a login window, to input login password, but no password has been created on the server? :lmao:

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