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Long Wait After Using Runwait

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When I use runwait to stop the script from continuing after runnung a windows program ( just a patch program) it take about 8 second to continue to the next line on the script, which just opens a message box before continuing to install another update.

I have run the patch program on it's own and it return straight away to windows, but when used through a script with runwait theres this big delay.

Any idears

runwait($drive &"\patch\update1.2\patch1_2.exe")

msgbox(4096,"","now going to install 1.3 patch")

runwait($drive &"\patch\update1.3\patch1_3.exe")

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Just because the window or whatever disappears doesn't mean the process isn't running for a few seconds afterwards. AutoIt watches until that process exits before it continues from RunWait. Try running the patch manually and watch the processes in taskmgr or something and see if it exits when you think it should that way.

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I've done what you said using windows task manager.

when the patch file has finished, the process is remove straight away


when the script called the patch program with runwait ,the patch program finished and disappeared from windows task manageras before but the next line of the script again took about 8 seconds to start.

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mmmm .. strange...

well if you can wait for the 8 secs you could do something like this...

run($drive &"\patch\update1.2\patch1_2.exe")
Sleep(2000); pause till process is started
ProcessWait ("patch1_2.exe")
msgbox(4096,"","now going to install 1.3 patch")
runwait($drive &"\patch\update1.3\patch1_3.exe")

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