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Hey all, just curious on how you would use a Msgbox in a website. I'm trying to build my first site, and using a Button already in the website. I thought (key word), that all i would have to do is install autoit in the site, and use a normal Msgbox in the "onclick" part. Tried it as an .au3 and a .exe.

<i> <input type="button" value=" Read Carefully " name="btnNext" onclick="AutoIt3/MsgBox1.au3"></i>


<i> <input type="button" value=" Read Carefully  " name="btnNext" onclick="AutoIt3/MsgBox1.exe"></i>

Any help is appreciated as always :)


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You would have to use javascript to pop up a message box from a web page. The same rules would apply for autoit as does vbscript. VBScript runs on server side, Javascript runs on client side.

<INPUT type="button" value="Read Carefully" 
onclick="alert('That wasn't so hard now was it?')"> 

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