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WinNT Tweaker Engine v2

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How does this look? any good? spent hours on it :)

EDIT - This program is to apply registry tweaks to windows XP currently I will be adding more tweaks for Win2k, 2003 and Longhorn eventually. The Tweaks file only has one tweak in it just to test the code. Its been designed to be silent so I can use it on my Unattended installations

Still not actually tested it, when it says build 1...Well its not really build 1 as its not been compiled yet or tested, just syntax, still got a few things to add main thing is the stupid RegEditUndo - Key Delete Undo section as I want to read all the sub keys and values to file before it deletes the key.

Its not fare off now

Just got to create a VB app to create the Tweak.au3 that imports the engine and puts a load of tweaks in the file from a database, yet to be created too

Any Ideas??

What else can I add to it?

:D The ability to edit current txt & ini files?

Here the cust_winnt.ini info seeing I cant upload ini files

#log_not_implomented_reasons=1 Not implomented yet


Launch it using Tweaks_v2.au3



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Make it create the .ini automaticly, create a GUI and put it in a nice .zip file if you have multiple files. Could you also please say what it does?

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